Governors Village Social Committee

The Governors Village Social Committee needs you. Whether you live in The Park, The Forest, The Village, The Lake or The Townes, your help is needed!

Last year, the Social Committee planned, organized and lead the events that you, your children and perhaps your grandchildren enjoyed: the Easter Egg Hunt, Fireman’s Pancake Breakfast and Run, The Pool Party and the first ever Music In The Park and OktoberWeen events. Wouldn’t you like to help shape these activities?

These events make Governors Village the vibrant community that it is. If you would like to learn more and meet a congenial group of people, come to the next meeting. If you are unable to attend but wish to learn more, contact Cliff Simpson, e-mail:

The Social Committee offers different opportunities where help is needed. If you are unable to help with the planning, you can still volunteer a small portion of your time to help at the events. There is a reward for your participation. Knowing that you contributed to the success of the events that are so important to our community will leave you with a genuinely good feeling. You can’t beat that!

Members In Picture: Mary Anne Hutton, Barbara McCullen, Diane Talley, Shannon Leslie, Dominique Gignac, Linda Kreiter, Mary Roederer, Chris Stoneman*
Members Not In Picture: Angela Romatzick, Ralph Howard, Gidget Jenkins, Janie Bailey, Mary Shaver, Cliff Simpson (POA Board Liaison)
* Not a member, but a helper for the 5K Run