Recap: 2015 Annual Governors Village Community Yard Sale

Thanks to Ted Smith for contributing these photos and narrative

Although the day was somewhat overcast, that did not seem to keep people away from searching out bargains at the Annual Governors Village Yard Sale. Looking was careful, bargaining was evident and buying was brisk.

There was something for everyone; adults and children of all ages. There was even a house and a barn, both of which sold. People were going back and forth to their autos, depositing their acquisitions and eagerly returning for something more. Even children were absorbed with the selection of toys, books, dolls and stuffed animals.

One enterprising young lady, Laurin, was selling coffee, orange juice, bagels, biscuits and cupcakes. She had many customers enjoying her selection of treats. If you think that Yard Sales are strictly a woman’s interest, note that there were a number of men shopping too.

At the end of the day, both sellers and buyers seemed pleased with the sale. A win-win situation all around.

Thanks to Debbi Nichols for organizing this sale each year.