Tree Root Collar Excavation Underway In Governors Village

The POA Board wishes to inform the Governors Village Community of the Root Collar tree work being done by Bartlett Tree Experts and Greenscape, Inc.

Our landscaping company, Greenscape, Inc. and Bartlett Tree Experts have developed a plan for mulching in our common areas for 2015. Not all areas will receive mulch as they have in past years.

[Please note when landscapers refer to mulch, they are including pine straw, ground hardwood or any other organic material. In our neighborhoods, pine straw is the predominant material used.]

The attachments explain the the reasons for this approach. We ask for your support as over time this will protect our common area trees extending their lives well into the future.

Trees on homeowners property are also vulnerable to root collar disorders. You may want to examine the root collars on your own trees to see if they too are over mulched.

There are website addresses on the Bartlett document if you would like additional information.

Thank you,

Ted Smith

Attachments (3)
Greenscape – 2015 Tree Mulch Plan For Governors Village July 12, 2015 (PDF)

Bartlett Tree Experts Root Collar Plan For Governors Village July 12, 2015 (PDF)

Root Collar Disorders, Bartlett Tree Research Lab Technical Report, July 12, 2015 (PDF)

Contact: Ted Smith, At Large Director, tsmith9856 at