Notice from Governors Park Grounds Committee​

Residents in Governors Park will be seeing Greenscape doing quite a bit of work in our neighborhood over the next few weeks. The Governors Park Grounds Committee has set several projects in motion for our community, using the Enhancement Funds provided by the POA.

New trees will be planted on the Walser end of Meadow Park to replace the dead dogwood. 

The Walser and Baxter medians will be getting an uplift with some new plantings and pine straw.  As with all plantings, these will need to be watered. We are asking those who live close to the plantings to please give them a substantial drink on a regular basis so they can grow into healthy shrubs.  Linda Kreiter has offered to coordinate the Walser watering schedule and Jo Watta will coordinate the watering on Baxter.

Two memorial trees in Meadow Park have died or are in the process of dying. These will be replaced with Willow Oaks. 

In the spring Greenscape will be working hard on the hill by the amphitheater and the hill behind the pond. These two areas will be sodded with Bermuda grass. 

Anyone interested in being part of the Park Grounds Committee is welcome. Contact Jo Watta (919-616-4966) and let her know.

Contact: Jo Watta, Governors Park Grounds Chair​, jwatta1 at