Townes of Governors Village – Important Billing Information

Recent announcement from Talis Management to Townes of Governors Village Homeowners. Note: this notice applies to Townes of Governors Village Homeowners only.

Please note that the Townes of Governors Village Maintenance Association (Townes) passed a resolution granting the Governors Village Property Owners Association (POA) the right to collect any dues owed to the Townes for payment of POA assessments. The resolution was accepted and approved by the POA.

Currently, you are paying dues in the amount of $180 per month to the Townes, from which $95 is for Townes Monthly Assessments and $85 is for the POA Monthly Assessments. Effective January 1, 2016, instead of paying $180 per month to the Townes, you will pay $95 per month to the Townes and $510 bi-annually to the POA. The Townes will continue to bill you on a monthly basis, and the POA will bill you separately, $510 twice per year with the due dates on January 1 and July 1.

For additional details and full announcement text, please refer to the attachment below (PDF).

Assessment Collection Notice, Townes of Governors Village (via email, 10/22/15)

Alina Cochran, Community Manager – acochran at (919.878.8787 x235)
Townes POA Board of Directors – see Contacts
POA Board of Directors – see Contacts