Recap: 2015 Annual Meeting – Governors Village POA

Please note: this post will be updated to reflect additional details (including official POA Board election results) when this information is published by the POA Board. In the meantime, please enjoy this narrative by Ted Smith (Member, POA Board); photos courtesy of James Glenos (Communications Committee)

Upon entering the church building, homeowners were greeted by Talis representatives who asked them to sign in and provided them with a ballot to decide which nominee would fill the At-Large Director seat. The two nominees are John Eberhard and Peter DeStaebler. Later in the evening, the ballots were counted electing John as the At-Large Director for the new term. We are grateful to Peter for his faithful service.

The Board went through it’s presentation which is available on the Talis and Governors Village websites (see attachment below). Please view them at either place. Some homeowners were recognized for their contributions to the community and the request was made for more volunteers to serve and continue to keep this a flourishing place to live.

During a question & answer session, residents voiced their questions and concerns which received responses from either the Board or our Talis representative.

PowerPoint – 2015 Annual Meeting – Governors Village POA [PDF]
Minutes – 2015 Annual Meeting – Governors Village POA [PDF]

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