Update: 15th Annual Governor’s Village Luminary Night

The 15th Annual Governor’s Village Luminary Night is on Saturday, December 12th. Please look for a flier in your mail box for some additional information about this event and about making donations to the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill.

As I mentioned before, if you are interested in helping, there are several ways to do so (helping out in any way is GREATLY appreciated).

  1. Folding luminary bags – This is an important job and saves much time. Contact your area coordinator if you can help out with the task in advance of December 12th.
  2. Preparing the luminaries – Each area will meet on Saturday, December 12th (or 13th in case of rain). This is a fun event for the whole family. If you have a truck, bring it to your meeting place.
    Meeting time and locations:
    Park – Volleyball Court at 2:30
    Lake – Lakeside on Wicker Drive at 2:30
    Forest – 10005 Hammock Bend at 2:00
    Village Homes – Village Playground at 2:30
  3. Lighting luminaries – Start lighting at 5:00PM on Saturday, Dec 12th.
  4. Picking up luminary bags – On Sunday, December 13th please help with picking up the luminary bags in your area.

If you would like to make a donation, please provide it to one of the area coordinators (see list below) or go online to the Ronald McDonald House (http://www.rmh-chapelhill.org/). If you make a donation online, please indicate that you are donating on behalf of the Governor’s Village Luminary Night. Also, if you have already provided your donation, THANKS VERY MUCH!
We now have Area Coordinators for all areas of our neighborhood (see below). Thanks so much to these individuals!

Area Coordinators:
Park – Tim and Melissa Watkins (30077 Britt)
Lake – Karen Howard (12025 Wicker Drive)
Forest – Linda MacDonald (10028 Hammock Bend)
Village Homes – Grace Harris (10044 Fountain)
Village Townes – Sibby Anderson-Thompkins (50406 Governors Dr)

Contact: Tim Watkins thwatkinsnc [at] gmail.com