Appeal for leadership – Governors Village Social Committee

On behalf of the Governors Village Board

Hello Neighbors,

Over the years, the Governors Village Social Committee has been hosting the Annual Fireman’s Breakfast in May with much success. This event has become a tradition to: contribute to our local firehouse and support our volunteer firemen, celebrate the new season of warm weather, enjoy the opening of our wonderful pool, and reconnect with neighbors. This event is an opportunity for our entire community to show our appreciation to the local North Chatham Volunteer Fire Department and all the volunteers that heroically risk their lives every day for our friends, family and neighbors.

It would be a great misfortune for us to miss this opportunity to show our gratitude. However, our very own Social Committee has no chair for this year, and no one has stepped forward to lead this event. Previous chairs have repeatedly filled this role, so the time has come for others to take the lead and volunteer their time and effort to our wonderful neighborhood and the social activities that help make it great!

What is needed from a Chair? Set a date, organize volunteers, communicate, keep it simple and plan events to be fun, safe, and accessible to all neighbors in our community. Many of you regularly attend GV events and know how much fun they are. However, if no one volunteers to chair the Social Committee, there will be no Fireman’s Breakfast, Annual Pool Party in August, or BooFest. WE NEED YOUR HELP MORE THAN EVER! Please consider volunteering.

If you are interested in chairing the Social Committee or even being a new member, we need your help! Please contact Alina Cochran at Talis Management at and let her know of your interest. Don’t delay – May is approaching fast and we need you!

Contact: Alina Cochran,