2016 Governors Village Annual Pool Party

2016 Annual Pool Party

2016 Annual Pool Party

Article and Photos by Ted Smith, Communication Committee Photographer

Last Saturday, a warm August afternoon, the 2016 Governors Village Annual Pool Party was held. The adults and children who attended enjoyed a refreshing dip in the pool and a selection of food catered by NanaTaco, whose vehicle is almost as colorful as their food.

Catering was provided by NanaTaco

Catering was provided by NanaTaco

Neighbors contributed with a variety of delightful desserts sharing their culinary expertise or their prowess in knowing where to shop for tasty treats. Most of these dishes contain very few calories (perhaps a minor stretch of the truth).


Food and cash contributions were brought to benefit the Food Bank of Central and Eastern Carolina. Raffle tickets were sold and prizes were awarded to those lucky folks with winning tickets.

Generous contributions benefit the Food Bank

Generous contributions benefit the Food Bank

Thanks to the raffle donors who contributed to this year’s pool party/food bank fundraiser:

After School Art and More
Blue Bamboo Salon
Blue Heron Jewelry, Chapel Hill, NC
Break Out Mixed Martial Arts, Pittsboro, NC
Carmel Market
Creative Countdown Calendars – Amy Gamber and Joanie Hickey
Fearrington Village
Karen’s Cakes
Liquid Amber Art Gallery and Jewelry, Pittsboro, NC
Maria’s House Cleaning Service
New Horizons Trading Company, Pittsboro, NC
Noel’s Produce, Pittsboro, NC
Pittsboro Toy Store
Rachel Mills
Rialta Designs – Scott Leslie
Root Cellar, Chapel Hill, NC
Stephan Moll
Tooth Fairy Pillows by Beth Matrazzo

Gift baskets were raffled to raise funds for the Food Bank.

Gift baskets were raffled to raise funds for the Food Bank. Decisions, decisions!

Sign-up sheets were available for anyone wishing to find out more about the different community committees or neighborhood grounds committees. If you were not present and wish to receive information please email Susie Moffat at govvillage.webmaster at gmail.com and specify your areas of interest.

Governors Village would like to thank the Social Committee members and their volunteers for the work required to organize, seek donors for the raffle prizes and hold this very enjoyable event. Social Committee chairs Adam and Shannon Novak led the way with help from many, including Linda Kreiter, Diane Talley, Chris Gamber, Rebecca Draper and Mary Anne Hutton.

Residents are encouraged to enjoy using the pool these last few weeks of summer. Since the pool closes at sundown, the gate does not allow entry after 7:45 p.m. The pool season ends September 18, 2016.

To view more pictures from this year’s pool party, click an image to start the slideshow.

Adam and Shannon Novak, Social Committee Chairs, anovak91 at gmail dot com
Susie Moffat, Communication Chair and Webmaster, govvillage.webmaster at gmail dot com

Sponsored by Governors Village Social Committee