Pool Closed Due To Storm And Other Pool Notes

With the impending storm Hermine, the pool is closed today and will reopen Saturday. Trent Leonard, Recreation Committee Chair made the announcement around 12:30 pm Friday.

Here are a few more items of interest regarding the pool.

  1. When the pool does reopen residents are asked to remember that the pool closes daily at sunset, which will occur sooner and sooner each day until closing day on September 18, 2016. To that end, the gate will no longer allow entry after 7:45 pm.
  2. Trent inquired how would this community feel about a polar bear plunge into the pool in January or February to raise money for a local charity? The water is typically in the upper 30s or lower 40s.
  3. Dog swim proposed after the pool closes Sept 18.
    The POA Board approved a dog swim at the pool after the season ended last year, but the weather turned cold and rainy quickly in October, so we never got a chance. Trent plans to give it a second shot this year if the weather cooperates, so look out for more information closer to pool closing.
  4. Other members of the 2016 Recreation committee are Garrett Blake, John Cangelosi, Bob Wynne, Chris Gamber Karen Korach, Tim Mounce, Barry Bassett. John Eberhard is the POA Board liaison.

Contact: Trent Leonard, Recreation Chair, jtrentleonard at gmail.com