Governors Park Entrance Landscape Project To Begin

Today Jo Watta, chair of Governors Park Grounds Committee, notified the community of work scheduled to renovate the Park neighborhood entrances.

In the next few days or so you will be seeing extensive work done on the two Park Entrances. Myatt Landscaping will be removing overgrown trees, planting new trees and shrubs, cleaning and painting the monuments and signs and redesigning our annual beds. Wherever possible, existing plantings are being left and/or reused in other areas of the entrances.

Please be aware when entering or leaving the Park that crews may have trucks parked at the entrances. Watching this kind of work can be very exciting for children, but also very dangerous. If your little ones want to watch, please stay with them as they might get too close on their own.

The work should take between 2 1/2 and 3 weeks to complete (depending on weather) but we have the perfect time of year to be doing this and the Park Grounds Committee looks forward to a successful completion of the work.

Please feel free to contact anyone on the Park Grounds Committee if you have questions.

Jo Watta
John Eberhard
Cliff Simpson
Daniel Guy
Mary Anne Hutton
Carrie Klein

Contact: Jo Watta, jojowatta at