Photos: 2017 Annual Governors Village Community Yard Sale

Narrative and photographs courtesy Ted Smith, Communications Committee Photographer

The Governors Village Community Yard Sale was held Saturday, April 29, 2017.  Well before the announced start time people were gathered at the pool parking lot to browse the large inventory of items available at bargain prices.


Customers bought pieces large and small, analyzing items to imagine how they might fit into their home or garage decor.  They found toys and dolls for the children.

There was something for just about everyone. Neighbors took this opportunity to chat with friends and a dog even came over to survey the merchandise (on a leash of course).

Click on an image below for a slideshow of the people who visited and some of the items that were for sale and purchased.

At the end of the day, buyers seemed pleased with their purchases and sellers were happy not having to bring things back home while pocketing a few extra dollars.

Thanks to Debbi Nichols for once again organizing our annual sale.