Governors Village In Depth: Property Owners Association (POA)

A Governors Village In Depth article by Susie Moffat, Communication Committee.
Designed to be of interest to new and long-term residents alike, this occasional series is aimed at exploring and explaining how our community operates. 

With the Annual Property Owners Meeting coming up in November this seems like a good time to reissue an In Depth article originally published in 2016 describing some key points about the Governors Village Property Owners Association (GVPOA).


The next GVPOA meeting is the Annual Meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, November 28, 2017. Meeting details and slate of candidates have not been announced yet for this year, but the meetings are usually held at Mount Carmel Baptist Church with sign-in beginning at 6:30 PM. Owners are encouraged to mark calendars to attend this important meeting in order to exercise their rights and responsibilities as property owners.

At the annual meeting property owners have an opportunity to vote to fill open board seats. Board members provide an update on the past year’s activities, improvements, and plans; present a financial report, including the budget for the new year; recognize volunteers and welcome new residents; and answer questions from the owners.

Ahead of the annual meeting, here is a refresher on how this community is structured.

Governors Village Property Owners Association (GVPOA)

POA 101. What Is Governors Village POA?

A property owners association (POA) is an organization established to govern a private community.  Homeowners in this community are automatically members of the master Governors Village Property Owners Association (GVPOA or POA).

GVPOA is governed by a board of directors elected by its members and a set of rules called bylaws.

What Constitutes Governors Village Community?

Six neighborhoods comprise the community of Governors Village: the eponymous Governors Village, along with Governors Park, Governors Forest, Governors Lake, Townes of Governors Village and Camden Governors Village Apartments.  The last two neighborhoods may bear further explanation.

Camden Governors Village Apartments

Camden Governors Village Apartments has separate ownership, management and amenities from the rest of the Governors Village community, but as described in the bylaws is represented with one director’s seat on the community’s governing board.

Townes of Governors Village

The Townes neighborhood is a sub-association. Legally known as Townes of Governors Village Maintenance Association, it is a separate corporation, has its own officers and holds its own annual meeting in the fall for the homeowners. Within the Townes neighborhood, there are two sections of townhomes, the Townes and the Lake Townes.

The neighborhood’s owners pay dues to both the Townes sub-association and to the master Governors Village Property Owners Association (GVPOA). They contribute the same dues to GVPOA as other neighborhoods, with additional monthly dues to run the townhome association. While there are some areas of overlap between the townhomes sub-association and the master association, there are other areas, such as repainting of townhomes, that are not shared.

As part of the master Governors Village Property Owners Association (GVPOA), the Townes has one director seat on the GVPOA Board. Its owners are eligible for the three at-large directors on that board as well.

How Are GVPOA Board of Directors Chosen?

As mentioned earlier, GVPOA is governed by a board of directors elected by its members and a set of rules called bylaws. There are nine seats on the board.

The apartment (Camden Governors Village Apartments) owner member is entitled to elect one director. Historically the apartment property manager has filled this position.

The remaining eight residential members of the POA board are elected to three-year terms by the community’s homeowners during the annual meeting, usually held in November. These elected board members donate many hours of service to managing and improving the community.

Each of the neighborhoods (Forest, Lake, Park, Townes, Village) has one (1) director seat, and there are three (3) at-large directors who can be from any of the neighborhoods.

Three seats come up for election every year. No director may be elected to more than two consecutive three-year terms. Directors must be owners, but none is required to be a resident of North Carolina.

Board members elect officers at their first board of directors meeting each year.

Responsibilities Of The Board

As set out in the bylaws, the business and affairs of the master association are managed by its Board of Directors.

A guiding strategy set by the POA Board in 2008 described this mission.

The Governors Village Property Owners Association, through the oversight and authority of its board, is responsible for beautifying common areas, providing community activities and amenities, the design and enforcement of protective covenants and, as a result of these activities, protecting property values.

Board meetings are conducted by the board president.

In addition to overseeing budgeted items, the POA Board considers proposals from the different committees and homeowners for projects that are not budgeted, but which add value to the community. Other projects correcting community problems are discussed and when necessary, the management company (Talis) is requested to obtain proposals for the POA Board’s evaluation.

Board Meetings

The board usually meets on the third Thursday of odd-numbered months at the Community Room, Camden Governors Village at 6:30 pm. Meeting schedules are subject to change, but the management company can confirm their time and place. Upcoming meetings and agendas usually are published on the community website.

Residents are welcome to attend board meetings. Each meeting includes a homeowners forum during which residents may speak.


The GVPOA governing documents, including the Bylaws and the Covenants, are located on the Documents page, along with a summary of POA rules and regulations.

Minutes from GVPOA Board of Directors are published on this website and on the management company website once they have been approved by each member.

Governors Village Strategy – Mission, core values, vision, objectives, 2008-2011


POA Board of Directors – see Contacts

Management Company – Talis Management Group

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