No Trespassing Signs- Clarification

Debbi Nichols, chair of the Governors Village Architectural Review Board (ARB) has provided a clarification on signage in the community.

Good evening,
At the annual HOA meeting last night, the Chatham County Police Department discussed the recent incident involving men in a white van canvassing the neighborhood. He had some suggestions for your safety- do not allow strange people inside your house, instruct the person to get off your property, etc. The topic of No Trespassing signs was raised.

For clarification, signs are not allowed in our neighborhoods without ARB approval. The ARB will take this under advisement at our next meeting. Yard signs will not be allowed.

This issue has come up infrequently in the past- people selling magazines, cleaning supplies, meat, furniture. This recent encounter was the first I am aware of that involved threatening behavior towards one of our neighbors. We do have No Soliciting signs at the entrances, but it is difficult for the deputies to enforce. However, in addition to safety, one of our responsibilities is to protect property values. Multiple No Trespassing signs would definitely affect values and our appeal to potential residents.

If you would like to send your comments to the ARB Board for review, please send them to Alina at Talis/ Townes Properties or myself.

Please be vigilant and aware of what is going on the neighborhood, and call the police if you see anything that appears unusual. Wishing all a safe holiday season.

Debbi Nichols

Alina Cochran, Association Manager,
Debbi Nichols, ARB Chair,