Turf Treatment

This is a friendly update for upcoming turf treatment beginning next week in the neighborhoods. Please see below for details.

The first round of turf treatment at Governor’s Village will begin next week. This treatment contains a granular fertilizer for Fescue, and blanket weed-control applications for fescue and Bermuda grass turf areas. It will likely take 4-5 days. The products to be used are…

FESCUE: 24-4-16 fertilizer, Barricade 4FL (prodiamine) pre-emergent, Cool Power weed control

FOUNTAIN PARK FESCUE: 24-4-16 fertilizer (granular) will be applied

BERMUDA: Dimension 2EW pre-emergent, Change Up and Simizine weed control

Our plan is to complete treatments around townhomes first and then around roadsides/medians.

The Towne homes are estimated to be Monday and Tuesday and wrapping up either later Tuesday or Wednesday and the rest of the common areas and roadsides would be the Remainder of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

As it stands now the area around the pool and tennis courts and fountain park will not receive any of these liquid pre-emergent treatments. Fountain Park will only receive a granular turf fertilizer.