Minutes – POA Board of Directors Meeting February 15, 2018

The Governors Village POA Board of Directors met February 15, 2018 at the Community Room of Camden Governors Village Apartments.

All board positions will stay the same as 2017:
President: Kalyan Ghosh
Vice-President: Ted Smith
Secretary: Cliff Simpson
Treasurer: John Eberhard

Architectural: Bill Hlavac
Communications: Kalyan Ghosh
Grounds: Ted Smith
Safety: Cliff Simpson
Recreation and Pool: Daniel Guy
Social: John Eberhard

Please take a moment to review actions by the board and projects under way. The next meeting is May 17 at 6 PM.

2018_02_15_GV_Meeting Minutes (PDF)

Alina Cochran, Community Manager – AlinaCochran at TowneProperties.com (919.878.8787 x7204)
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