Minutes – Communication Committee July 16, 2018

The Governors Village Communication Committee held its second quarterly meeting of the year Monday, July 16, 2018. Highlights from the meeting as well as a link to the full minutes are below.

Responsibility for renewal of the Governorsvillage.org website will be transferred from Susie Moffat to Jeff SooHoo. The website will be reviewed for updates and the Communications Committee will reach out to other committee chairs to review their committee specific pages.

Playground equipment in Park is scheduled to be completely replaced at expense of more than $50,000, awaiting installers. New equipment will bring improved safety and ADA compliance to the playground.

Welcome Program director Terry Landers reported during Q2 2018, our community had 17 properties change ownership:

• 0 in the Village
• 4 in the Park
• 1 in the Forest
• 2 in the Lake
• 14 in the Townes

Terry Landers resigned from the Communication Committee to pursue other projects. She has agreed to stay on as Village Ambassador and to maintain the welcome packet but no longer can absorb the work of covering for other neighborhoods. Until there is a volunteer ambassador for the Townes, the welcome package will not be provided to new

Terry has served since the committee was revived in 2010 and she has contributed generously of her talents and ideas. On behalf of the committee and the entire community, we offer our appreciation for her work.

Please see the attached minutes for other meeting details.
Communications Committee Minutes 2018 07 16 v1.1

Susie Moffat, Communication Committee Webmaster, susie_moffat at unc.edu
Jeffrey SooHoo, Communication Committee Webmaster, jsoohoo at nc.rr.com