Governors Park New Playground Equipment, August 2018

 The playground equipment in Governors Park was showing its age and parts of it were unsafe. After reviewing estimates for extensive but necessary repairs, the Governors Village Board of Directors elected not to pursue a stopgap solution and elected to replace the equipment.

Enlisting the help of Leda Werrell who along with Corinne MacPherson and Nicole Hosterman selected the structures for the playground. Alina Cochran, our Property Manager provided information on a variety of equipment choices. This team got lots of thoughts and opinions by posting options on the Governors Village Parent’s Club Facebook page.

Once a selection was made, the wheels of progress were set into motion. Colors were selected, orders were placed, and arrangements were made for the demolition and removal of the old equipment. The replacement equipment is ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant.

In addition to the playground equipment the Governors Village Free Library is open for all residents, adults and children to enjoy. Residents are invited to take a book or leave a book. The library was hand crafted by Martha Ebert, resident of Governors Park – Thank you Martha. Well done!

All the playground work was done through Playworld representative Dan McSweeney. remarkable team of two men and one woman did the work; demolition, assembly, disposal of the old equipment and removal of the wrappings from the new. They accomplished this despite heavy rain and high, very uncomfortable temperatures.

The pictures show the old equipment, the demolition of the old, the assembly and installation of the new and the addition of mulch.

The playground team is very grateful for everyone’s patience and understanding for the length of time it took to complete this project. The frequency and volume of rain played havoc with the original timeline. They also want you to know that they were able to salvage all the metal from the old structures and swings decreasing the amount of waste going to a landfill.

Please be sure to visit this major improvement for the children of Governors Village and their parents.