Storm information from Towne Properties

Dear Homeowners,

It looks like Hurricane Florence has its eye on North Carolina and now is the time to prepare. First, we want to say that we hope everyone stays safe and hopefully we make it through this storm with minimal damage in our area. Please be sure to review the Hurricane Preparedness links and information provided below.

Informational Web-Links:


Safety Reminders:

  • Tie down or safely store anything that is outside your home that could be picked up by the wind, become a projectile and cause damage to your home or your neighbors’ home (garbage cans, outdoor furniture, trampolines, plant pots and outdoor decorations).

  • Ensure that all vehicles are fueled and parked inside the garage.

  • Be sure to have needed water and food supplies for pets and family members, and fill up on all medications.

  • Have a flashlight and extra batteries within reach.

  • Keep a battery-powered radio handy (if you have one), WRAL (FM: 101.5) or WPTF (AM: 680) will be good news sources.

  • Charge smartphones, cell phones, power packs and tablets.

  • Most fatalities in a storm come from flooding – people getting swept away. So if you see water across the road, the State suggests “turn around, don’t drown” – pick a different route.

  • If you have a roof leak or water entering your property, please take steps to clean, catch or block the water.


In case of Emergency:

  • If you have a medical emergency or fire, please call 911.
  • If you experience a power outage, please contact your utility company.
  • If you have any catastrophic damages to your home and property, please contact your insurance provider.
  • If you have an emergency for your Association, please call Towne Properties at 919-878-8787 and press 3 when prompted.
    • If a tree falls on common ground that is causing an immediate threat, please contact the emergency line. If there is not an immediate threat, please contact your Management Team after the storm has cleared.

Please note that with a storm this size, clean-up could take a while, weeks even, depending on severity.  We ask for your patience, as we work with our business partners to get your community back in order and keep the team safe.

We hope all homeowners and their families stay safe during this storm.

Your Towne Properties Management Team