Governors Village Pool Rules Reminder and Inappropriate Behavior

Dear Neighbors,

We hope that your summer is off to a great start and that you are getting the opportunity to do some fun things.

Now that summer is upon us, the Board wanted to remind everyone of the pool rules.  Please make sure you follow them.  They are posted at the pool.  In light of some recent reports of inappropriate behavior at our community pool, and in the interest of ensuring that everyone’s pool experiences are fun, comfortable, and safe, we write to you in the hope that this brief letter will remind all of our residents of the importance of respecting other people’s privacy and space at the pool.  We also believe that our neighbors should use caution when going to the pool and remain vigilant so that as a community we can help ensure each other’s safety.

Though we recognize that the great majority of our residents have proven to be wonderful neighbors, we feel the need to speak on this point so that the kind of inappropriate behavior observed last week ceases.  Should an owner feel their privacy or safety is being violated, they should report the matter to the police.

The pool has been and should continue to be a place where everyone comes together for a wholesome, fun, and relaxing experience.

We also encourage that any suspicious and/or inappropriate behaviors such as this be reported to the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office at (919) 542-2811 so that there may be a record of this moving forward and so that guilty parties may know that our community is watchful and intolerant of this kind of behavior. Of course, if an imminent threat exists, call 911.

Thank you for your time and attention to this issue. We wish you a wonderful rest of your week and a lovely summer.


The Governors Village POA Board