DSC_0132Despite being delayed for two weeks due to ‘technical difficulties’, the Pool Party was celebrated with swimming or floating in the pool, an abundance of good food and a respite from hurricane threats and the normal strains of everyday life. The main menu was catered by Allen & Sons BBQ. As one diner said, “you can never have too much barbecue”. Desserts were supplied by home-owners and there was something for everyone.

The pool was enjoyed by children and adults. Some children displayed their acrobatic abilities while others seemed content to just float in their contemporary inner tubes and relax. The children never seemed to tire of being tossed into the pool while parents obliged them by doing the tossing. Really hard to say who had the better time.

The caterer was very diligent replacing empty or near empty food trays with full ones. Besides barbecue there was fried chicken, baked beans, mac & cheese, hush puppies and everything needed for a well-balanced diet. We’re referring of course to balancing the food on the plate. In addition to drinks supplied by the caterer, Pool Professionals donated drinking water.

A good time was had by all and we must thank Jen Belk and all the volunteers for their good work arranging, preparing and cleaning up after the party ended.