BooFest 2109 Recap


The Governors Village 2018 BooFest was held on October 19, 2019.

DSC_0147The occasional drizzle did not dampen the spirits of all who attended. There were many children and adults who took this opportunity to celebrate Halloween. Lots were in costume; there were Wonder Women, skeletons, princesses, space men, cat people, dinosaurs and other characters. There were plenty of activities. Games, contests and pumpkin decorating were enjoyed. The playground got good usage even by those wearing costumes.

When the food trucks opened there was food and drink to satisfy hunger and thirst.

Near the Haunted Forest could be found the spirit of Hilda van Pelt, the great, great grandmother of Lucy and Linus van Pelt. Long before the development of Governors Village, as a child Hilda played in these very same woods. It was she who started the tale of the Great Pumpkin that Linus waits for every Halloween. You need not fear her unless you intend to harm the Great Pumpkin whenever he arrives.

We must thank Jen Belk, the members of the Social Committee and all other helpers for making this such a successful event. Please consider volunteering to help with future events. You will get a good feeling for contributing your time and talents.

The Communications Committee hopes that you enjoy the pictures of this Halloween BooFest.