Annual Garage Sale Recap

After too long an absence, we celebrated the return of the Governors Village Annual Garage Sale.

On a chilly November 6, 2021, Saturday, people came to the pool parking lot to look over and purchase some of the various items for sale. Many nice things at bargain prices.

People selected from a large variety of items, including clothes, toys, gadgets, books, dishes, and even a red wagon. Visitors bought things that they were attracted to.

There was really something for just about everyone. In addition, neighbors took this opportunity to chat with friends and enjoy the day. Good to be outdoors!

Girl Scout Troop 1402 was represented providing refreshments to raise donations for the troop programs. They had coffee, tea, water, and some low-calorie donuts. OK, maybe a few calories.

Please enjoy the pictures to see your neighbors, the people that visited, and some of the items that were on display.

At the end of the sale, buyers left with their can’t-do-without items, and sellers were happy not having to bring things back home while pocketing a few extra dollars.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to Abbie Fenneran, Mark and Brooke (Crouter), and Marsha Warren for making this event happen. It was good news that this will (hopefully) become a semi-annual event so we can look forward to it in the spring. Perhaps, if we are fortunate, the Girl Scouts could be persuaded to return and neighbors could come out to support their good efforts, even if they don’t participate in selling or buying.