Annual HOA Meeting 2021 Highlights

Excellent neighborhood meeting — good attendance and positive vibe. Detailed minutes of the meeting are forthcoming, but here is a fast thumbnail for those who could not attend:

·         After almost two decades, we have a new property management firm starting in 2022.

·         New pool operator for the summer season.

·         New landscaping contractor as well.

·         New committee formed to explore a dog park for Governors Village.

·         New committee formed to promote solar power and energy efficiency (including pedestrian access).

·         Budget improvements, increases to our reserves.

·         No dues increases now, possibility of an increase mid-year

Please consider participating in one of these new initiatives, or on one of our longstanding neighborhood groups – grounds, recreation, communication, social, ARB, Board of Directors. Join other residents, have some fun together, make our community a better place to live.