2022 POA Nominating Committee Report / Want to run for election to the GV board?

This year’s Nominating Committee, in accordance with our bylaws, consisted of one board member and two non-board property owners: Michael Barefoot (POA board, Village owner), Marcia Fleishman (Lake owner), Debbie Bendelow Smith (Townes owner). The committee is pleased to announce a talented slate of candidates for the upcoming Governors Village POA elections which will be held prior to the Annual Meeting on Nov 21, 2022.

Nominations for 2022:

Park Seat (3-year term) Ruth Benton, POA Treasurer, Park owner

Lake Seat (3-year term) Chris Gamber, Lake owner

At-Large Seat (3-year term) has two nominees to choose between — Brooke Crouter, Park owner; Sarah Mitchell, Park owner.

The election may include additional candidates and contested races for any of the open seats. (Our bylaws allow other qualified owners to “self-nominate” for this year’s election by submitting petitions signed by 50 other POA members. These self-nominations should be submitted to the board at the earliest possible date, but no later than 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting.)

The committee’s philosophy about contested races was widely shared: “There really are no ‘losers’ when we have multiple candidates running for a single seat, it’s a win-win. The neighborhood benefits because it demonstrates that community service is a desirable opportunity worth striving for; one person takes the seat immediately; the other qualified individuals are already identified to serve, without a lengthy search, when unexpected vacancies occur.”

The committee’s selection method included requests for community input; development of a list of over 20 owners to be considered; discussions with the potential candidates and community leaders; reference checks and careful deliberation. While recruiting for this year’s POA candidates, the committee also promoted service on the Townes board and all Governors Village committees, as well as community service of every type, including one-day volunteer opportunities. Their discussions identified numerous talented individuals who are unable to serve at this time but who are willing to be considered for future elections.

Thank you for helping make Governors Village a great place to live,
Michael Barefoot, 10015 Fountain, POA board member

PS: If you have questions about the self-nomination process, please feel free to contact me directly MichaelCooperBarefoot@gmail.com.