Boofest 2022 review

This year’s Governors Village BooFest was held on October 22, 2022. It was very well attended with many children and adults in costume. To mention just a few, there were Princesses, Witches, Wonder Women, Disney Characters, Spidermen, Astronauts, Pirates, Goblins and other terrifying “Creatures”.

The children enjoyed the Bounce House, sliding down only to run around to the entrance to do it all over again after jumping around inside. Our thanks to Bold Real Estate for sponsoring this.

There was an assortment of activities for the enjoyment of boys and girls of all ages. Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe and other games were on hand. The Balloon Lady blew balloons and shaped them into various forms while the children waited.

Then there were stickers, stamps, light sticks and treat or treat bags for the taking.

The hayride was a great feature. Passengers sat on bales of hay while they rode around Governors Park. Once one group got off another was ready to take their place.

The Costume Parade presented an opportunity for all to show off their costumes while marching around the parking lot.

Then there were the food trucks. Different types of food to satisfy everyone’s personal choice. From Chinese to Doughnuts to Hot Dogs and Hamburgers to Chocolate Covered Cheesecake on a stick. Tables and chairs were set up for diner’s comfort.

We had the pleasure of hearing music from two groups. The first performers were Tokyo and his friend followed by Full Tilt, a group of four musicians/singers.

At sundown, the Haunted Forest opened its doors for anyone brave enough to enter. Within the Forest is a Haunted House where we saw an interrupted dinner Some of the food offerings were shown by the servers. I was offered some eyeballs but declined since I already had some for lunch. Absolutely delicious with spaghetti and a red sauce.

As the fearless walked through the Haunted House they saw some terrifying scenes. A butcher with the head of a pig preparing to cut up a young victim. A Zombie with a hatchet ready to welcome people into his world. All the ingredients for a Halloween Fright.

It was evident that everyone had a howling good time and already thinking about next year.

Abbie Finneran, the Social Committee and many volunteers really outdid themselves to make this such a great success. There is never enough praise for the volunteers that keep our community so vibrant.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!