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Enhancements At Governors Lake

Five steel benches enhance Governors Lake. Photo credit: Ted Smith

Five steel benches and a walkway from Wicker Drive down to the lake are among the newest enhancements to the landscaping around Governors Lake.

Fountain contributed By MI Homes. Photo credit: Ted Smith

The Governors Village community is grateful to MI Homes, builder of the 49 homes of the Governors Lake neighborhood, for donating the fountain in Governors Lake. A high priority for the Lake Development Committee, the fountain became operational in May 2011. With electrical connections, the fountain is valued at $15,000.

Other plans for the lake, mentioned in the Grounds Steering Committee Minutes July 14, 2011, include adding upward-pointing, low voltage lights, clearing some underbrush, and mulching for weed prevention. Next year the Lake Committee plans to landscape areas below the paths and to install paving stone around the inlets to match the patios.

Lake Development Update

Governors Lake Fountain

Terry OBrien, POA board liaison for the lake landscaping project, has provided the following photo and update on the Lake:

Installation of the fountain at Governors Lake was completed on May 3, 2011, and the fountain is now operating. The fountain was provided by M/I Homes at no charge and work was performed by M/I Homes subcontractor, Foster Lake & Pond Management. Thanks to M/I Homes for their cooperation on this matter and special thanks to Marcia Fleischman who Continue reading

Feral Cat Management in the Governors Lake Area

Several years ago before Governors Lake and the new Townes were developed, Governors Lake resident, Cindy Reifsnider, made a commitment to address a large feral cat population near the lake. Today the cat population near the lake has decreased significantly. Cindy has written the following description of this effort to share with the other neighborhoods. Continue reading

Lake Development Update

Terry OBrien, POA board liaison for the lake landscaping project, has provided the following update on the Lake.

Based on recommendations from the Lake Development Committee, the POA Board of Directors has approved enhancements to the Lake which will begin this Spring:

  1. A two-tier water fountain will be installed in the Lake.
  2. An additional 26 trees will be planted around the Lake, including, Crepe Myrtles, River Birches, October Glory Maples, Tulip Poplars and Sycamores. Generally, these trees will be on the West Side.
  3. All the areas with trees adjacent to the Lake, generally running from the Northwest corner around through the Southeast area around the bridge, will be cleaned up, including removing construction related material, taking down dead trees, limbing up major trees and removing scrub in the area.

The Lake and the streams and inlets feeding into the Lake are integral part of the Jordan watershed and as such are subject to rigid environmental constraints. In planning and implementing enhancements to the Lake, committee representatives have been collaborating with various state groups to ensure we are meeting or exceeding compliance requirements. Some of the items discussed with the state are described below.

On the North side of the Lake, there are several inlets feeding water into the Lake. While the committee and the POA would like to spruce these areas up, these areas are considered “wetlands” and are subject to rigid environmental constraints. Meetings have been held with state representatives of the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources to better understand these requirements. State officials have been extremely helpful explaining buffer requirements and will be visiting the Lake in early April to walk us through the “wetlands” areas, help us define boundaries and physically show us what plants are invasive and can be removed.

The Lake itself is considered a stormwater pond and as such there are constraints on the type of plants we can place between the pathway and the edge of the Lake. The committee is exploring various options, also in collaboration with state personnel, to ensure an aesthetic design, yet one that is in compliance with the state’s stormwater pond requirement.

Lake Development Committee

Terry OBrien, POA board liaison for the lake landscaping project, has provided the following status update.

In mid-February, there will be a kick-off meeting with the newly formed Lake Development Committee which is responsible for the planning and execution of improvements to the lake bordering the Townes and the Lake neighborhoods.

The group will consider the preliminary landscaping plans prepared by Atlantic Property Services. The Committee will also begin discussions on a Long Term Plan for Lake Development which will be passed to the POA for consideration, review and approval. This development will be a multi-year effort and the Lake Development Committee will develop a time line for improvements, taking into consideration the budgetary constraints of the POA.

To-date the following individuals have signed up to work on this committee:
Ann Cowan – Village
Debbie Francis – Townes
Ray Garlington – Lake
Amy Gamber – Lake
Artemis Malekpour – Lake
Clint Osborn – Townes
Heather Schultz – Townes
Terry OBrien – Board Liaison

Once a meeting schedule is established it will be published on the website in case others would like to attend. This is a project that will ultimately benefit all neighborhoods.