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2018 Annual Governors Village Community Yard Sale April 28, 2018

The Governors Village Community Yard Sale will be held rain or shine on Saturday, April 28, 2018, 7:00-11:00 am, at the pool parking lot.

This sale is open to all Governors Village neighborhoods—Lake, Village, Townes, Forest and Park.

Individual garage sales are not allowed by covenant so take this opportunity to lighten your load and enjoy a fun morning with your neighbors. This is also a great venue for a local non-profit to raise funds by serving coffee and other beverages, breakfast rolls and the like.

For details, including how to register for a space, see the attached flyer. A $7 per space fee pays for advertising, printing and signs

Contact: Debbi Nichols, dnichols483 at,  919 605-4430
Garage Sale Flyer 2018, issued April 17, 2018 (PDF)

Recap: 2016 Annual Governors Village Community Yard Sale

Thanks to Ted Smith for contributing these photos and narrative

On a bright, sunny April 23, people came to the pool parking lot to search and find that irresistible item that was bargain priced at the Annual Governors Village Garage Sale. People found items that they didn’t even know they needed and everyone seemed pleased with their purchases.

There was no kitchen sink, but there were two refrigerators, a dishwasher a door for sale and even a zebra!

People would buy a few things, bring them to their vehicles and then return to find more interesting things.

There was something for everyone; women, men and children too. There were a variety of things to please even the most discriminating taste. Grandparents were looking for toys and stuffed animals for their grandchildren. Even if nothing was purchased there was opportunity to chat with neighbors as they too strolled around the parking lot.

Just look at the pictures to see the people that visited and some of the items that were available.

At the end of the day, sellers were pleased at not having to bring things back home and buyers were deep in thought to see how their new purchases might be placed in their homes.

Thanks to Debbi Nichols for once again organizing our annual sale.

Recap: 2015 Annual Governors Village Community Yard Sale

Thanks to Ted Smith for contributing these photos and narrative

Although the day was somewhat overcast, that did not seem to keep people away from searching out bargains at the Annual Governors Village Yard Sale. Looking was careful, bargaining was evident and buying was brisk.

There was something for everyone; adults and children of all ages. There was even a house and a barn, both of which sold. People were going back and forth to their autos, depositing their acquisitions and eagerly returning for something more. Even children were absorbed with the selection of toys, books, dolls and stuffed animals.

One enterprising young lady, Laurin, was selling coffee, orange juice, bagels, biscuits and cupcakes. She had many customers enjoying her selection of treats. If you think that Yard Sales are strictly a woman’s interest, note that there were a number of men shopping too.

At the end of the day, both sellers and buyers seemed pleased with the sale. A win-win situation all around.

Thanks to Debbi Nichols for organizing this sale each year.


Recap: 2013 Annual Yard Sale

Governors Village community members gathered this past Saturday for the annual garage/yard sale. Despite the chilly weather, goods were exchanged and deals were had! Some even made out with free stuff, thanks to homeowners looking to declutter their spaces.

In addition to ongoing sales, which were reported to be brisk, neighborhood kids made use of the nearby playground as others sipped coffee to stay warm.  We thank community members for their participation and invite you to check out event photo gallery below. Thanks to Debbi Nichols for coordinating the sale, and Ted Smith for capturing the following pictures.

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