The communication committee works to inform Governors Village residents about community issues and upcoming activities. (See Activities for meeting schedule).

Communications is actively seeking participants.

  • Help maintain the community website as an online editor.
  • Share your neighborhood news and ideas with committee members as a reporter; photographer; or by volunteering as a liaison between Communications and other committees.
  • Contact any member to volunteer.


Share information – Provide timely, accessible and accurate information to residents in the community about Property Owner Association (POA) business and community events


  • Encourage community conversations
  • Involve all neighborhoods of Governors Village

Website Policy

2017 Goals

Improving communication is frequently an issue in any aspect of life. In 2017 the committee will continue to address how to:

  • learn and report what is going on in Governors Village
  • discover what information residents and board members desire
  • use available resources efficiently to keep residents informed
  • seek involvement from more people
  • explore new pathways to reach community members

2015 Initiatives

Conduct 2020 Survey on behalf of Governors Village POA Board of Directors.

2014 Plans

  • Work to improve timeliness in reporting news and minutes.
  • Expand website articles to include detailed explanations or tutorials of things such as the POA Budget and adding community profiles.
  • Continue ongoing initiatives.

Ongoing Initiatives (Since 2012)

  • Work with Governors Village officials, committees, management company representatives and residents to encourage participation and sharing of information throughout the community.
  • Publish and archive community documents, news and photographs. These include board meeting minutes and official committee information.
  • Maintain the Governors Village community website,, and other social media. Coordinate with other community communication outlets.
  • Welcome new homeowners.

2011 Initiatives

  • August 2011 – Incorporate social media sites, Twitter and Facebook, into community website.
  • May 2011 – Include more photographs into community website, covering events and obtaining group shots of boards and committees. Photography is headed by Ted Smith.
  • April-July, 2011 – Create web content policy for Governors Village (see Documents). POA liaison Rosemary McGee presented the policy and POA Board approved it on July 21, 2011.
  • January 2011 – Organize Welcome Program. Finalize a Welcome Letter (see Documents) to distribute to new homeowners. Distribution of letters, with personal visits when possible, is coordinated by Terry Landers.

2010 Initiatives

  • Create and maintain official Governors Village website at
  • Publish monthly newsletters (see Documents).
  • Write and distribute board meeting and other committee meeting summaries, where available.
  • Work with 2010 POA Board liaison Richard Bobst to formalize communication committee. Invite members, establish meeting schedule.


  • Ted Smith (Photographer, welcome program team) – tsmith9856 at
  • Jeffrey SooHoo (Webmaster) jsoohoo at
  • Nick Nguyen 
( POA-Communications Liaison) nickcpht at


View and download relevant Communication documents.

Communication News

Read Communication news and articles that have been posted to this website.