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Successful 2017 Fundraiser: Firemen’s 5K Fun Run and Pancake Breakfast

Governors Village community held its 12th Annual Firemen’s 5K Fun Run & Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, June 3, 2017. Social committee co-chair Allie Vivirito recently issued a thank you and reported record contributions were collected on behalf of the North Chatham Fire Department.

Good morning neighbors!

On behalf of the Social Committee, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the festivities or donated money to the North Chatham Fire Department.

A very special thank you to all of our fabulous volunteers who helped cut fruit, flip pancakes, and who helped with the 5K and kid’s triathlon. It was amazing to see our community come together and hold such an impactful event!

Because of all of your efforts and participation, we were able to raise over $4,500 for the North Chatham Fire Department, our best year yet.

Thank you again for your participation and generous donations!

Contact: Allie Vivirito, social committee co-chair, allieviv at gmail.com

Sponsored by the Social Committee.

Photos: 2017 12th Annual Firemen’s 5K Fun Run and Pancake Breakfast

Story and photos by Ted Smith, Communication Committee Photographer

It was a beautiful day to be outdoors when the Governors Village community held its 12th Annual Firemen’s 5K Fun Run & Pancake Breakfast, Saturday, June 3, 2017.

Whether you walked or ran or you cheered on the runners, the event was great fun.

Sparky, the firemen’s mascot, was on hand to inspire the participants.

Everyone who took part was all smiles as they crossed the finish line and were greeted by cheers from the onlookers. Race results are attached below.

Each participant and volunteer was given a special edition T-Shirt.


After the run, everyone enjoyed a pancake breakfast, prepared by our Social Committee and served by the firefighters of the North Chatham Volunteer Fire Department.

Following the pancake breakfast, the Kids Triathlon was held. Participants ran, biked and finally dove into the pool for the swimming portion of the race. After everyone finished, prizes were awarded and each child who participated received a goody bag.


It is not too soon to consider volunteering to help next year with your favorite portion of the event.  Thanks to Shannon and Adam Novak for overseeing this function and organizing the 5K Race again this year.

Acknowledgements and thanks go to all the others who helped make this day an unquestionable success, including:

  • Leda Werrell and Lisa Marie Taylor, organizers for the kids triathlon
  • Mary Anne Hutton, coordinator for pancake breakfast
  • Terry Landers, designer for registration form
  • Allie Vivirito and Leda Werrell, social committee chairs
  • members of the Social Committee
  • and all other community volunteers.

Generous sponsorships helped make the event possible.

Finally thanks to the North Chatham Volunteer Fire Department and to everyone who made a donation to the fire department.

Please enjoy the pictures of this special day. Click on an image below to open the slideshow.

12th Annual Governors Village 5K Results (PDF)

Sponsored by the Social Committee.

FollowUp: 2014 Ninth Annual Firemen’s Pancake Breakfast, 5K Run/Walk, and Kids Triathlon

Members of North Chatham County Fire Department

The Social Committee would like to thank the many participants of the 2014 Governors Village Ninth Annual Firemen’s Pancake Breakfast, 5K Run/Walk and Kids Triathlon for making the event a success. The Firemen’s Breakfast benefits the North Chatham Fire Department and, as of May 30, 2014, total donations are $2168.00.

Each year it takes many committee members and other community volunteers to organize and conduct the various components of this traditional spring fundraiser.

Mary Anne Hutton was in charge of volunteer information and the 5K race; Scott Leslie, the Kids Triathlon; and Janie Bailey, the Pancake Breakfast. Barbara McCullen and Jo Watta prepared deep stacks of golden delicious pancakes. The North Chatham Fire Department served the food and engaged everyone with compelling displays and explanations of the firefighting equipment. Ted Smith photographed the day’s action.

With deep appreciation the Social Committee recognizes the sponsors for the event:

Domicile Realty, Governors Village
Governors Pharmacy, Governors Village
Fleet Feet Sports, Carrboro
Tarantini, Governors Village
Village Vet, Governors Village
K.B. Atkins Dentistry, Governors Village
Harris Teeter, Chatham Downs
Bud Matthews Services Inc, Old Farrington Point Rd
Food Lion, Governors Village
Bean & Barrel, Governors Village
Subway, Governors Village
Igloo Organic Frozen Yogurt, Governors Village

Jane Bailey, Social Committee Chair, janiembailey [at] gmail.com

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2014 Firemen’s 5K Results and Winners

2014 Firemen's 5K Walk and Run

2014 Firemen’s 5K Walk and Run

Mary Anne Hutton, coordinator of the 2014 Firemen’s 5K, announced the official results of this year’s race. Congratulations to the fifty runners and walkers who completed the 5K this year. The winners are:

Men’s Overall
1st place – Lewis Hendricks
2nd place – Bill Hlavac
3rd place – Ian Heesacker

Women’s Overall
1st place – Jessica Bishop
2nd place – Sarah Leichter
3rd place – Jennifer Leonard

Place Number Time Name Winners
1 2753 19:08:00 Lewis Hendricks FIRST PLACE MALE
2 2754 20:36:00 Jessica Bishop FIRST PLACE FEMALE
3 2778 21:22:00 Bill Hlavac SECOND PLACE MALE
4 2752 22:07:00 Ian Heesacker THIRD PLACE MALE
5 2767 22:23:00 Gregory Shahum
6 2798 23:07:00 Vadim Miahaylyants
7 2782 23:25:00 Sarah Leichter SECOND PLACE FEMALE
8 2769 23:57:00 Chris Ehrenfeld
9 2770 24:04:00 Jennifer Leonard THIRD PLACE FEMALE
10 2765 24:26:00 Ben Calhoun
11 2774 24:35:00 Mason Miller
12 2787 24:43:00 Adam Novak
13 2780 25:06:00 John Eberhard
14 2799 25:20:00 Philip Rodgers
15 2766 25:51:00 Linn Calhoun
16 2750 26:01:00 Chris Stoneman
17 2773 26:16:00 Ava Miller
18 2781 26:32:00 Seth Gold
19 2755 26:53:00 Zuck Schwartz
20 2792 27:07:00 Alison Fleming
21 2757 27:26:00 Ari Issaacson
22 2768 28:21:00 Jana Ehrenfeld
23 2760 30:14:00 Connor Reside
24 2801 30:20:00 Harry Mendlovitz
25 2771 30:40:00 Jim Miller
26 2775 30:38:00 Liza Miller
27 2761 30:48:00 Tom Katsouleas
28 2805 30:51:00 Mark Ashnes
29 2790 31:02:00 Karen Burke
30 2788 31:03:00 Shelby Novak
31 2789 31:45:00 Shannon Lewis
32 2779 31:48:00 Melissa Hlavac
33 2784 32:42:00 Lisa Busko
34 2785 32:43:00 Ian Busko
35 2763 32:52:00 Flint O’Brien
36 2762 32:55:00 Ian O’Brien
37 2777 33:43:00 Susan Dell
38 2758 33:57:00 Laura Casey
39 2794 33:59:00 Hailey Hirshchman
40 2776 34:03:00 Lou Watta
41 2793 34:16:00 Caitlin Hirshchman
42 2772 34:12:00 Melissa Miller
43 2802 35:59:00 Ella Mendlovitz
44 2800 36:10:00 Sara Paisner
45 2803 36:12:00 Alia Mendlovitz
46 2791 36:15:00 Brian Burke
47 2783 36:43:00 Mary Roederer
48 2759 36:47:00 Jenny O’Brien
49 2804 40:02:00 Melissa Watkins
50 2751 40:19:00 Olivia Stoneman

The following entrants either were not greeted coming over the finish line or they did not finish. The race organizers are sorry if they are at fault.)

2796 Luci Hirschman
2756 Rachna Bhandari
2764 Avery Cheves
2795 Jack Hirschman
2797 Katie Valentine

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Update: 2012 Governors Village Firemen’s Breakfast Fundraiser

Today in an update of the Firemen’s Pancake Breakfast fundraiser, Social Committee Chair Dominique Gignac acknowledged the generous contributions from Governors Village community residents and from event sponsors.

Surpassing donations from either of the two previous years, a total of $3,138.70 was collected this year to benefit the Chatham County Fire Department. Please read Dominique’s announcement which is attached below.

Contact: Dominique Gignac, Social Committee Chair – dgignac at earthlink.net
2012 Governors Village Firemen’s Breakfast Update – email from Dominique Gignac, Social Committee Chair, May 23, 2012 (PDF)

Fun At 2012 Seventh Annual Firemen’s Breakfast, 5K Race and Kids Triathlon

In the early morning light of Saturday, May 12, 2012, fire trucks pulled into the pool parking lot. Large coffee urns were switched on in the pool house kitchen. A large, excited group of residents and friends of the Governors Village community gathered near the pool entrance.

Everyone was up early to participate in the annual Firemen’s Pancake Breakfast, 5K Race and Kids Triathlon.  This is the seventh year the Governors Village Social Committee has held this event to mark the opening of the pool season and to raise funds for the Chatham County Fire Department.

5K and Kids Triathlon

Dan Hirschman organized the 5K Race which drew 70 running or walking participants, some pushing baby strollers.

Ralph Howard was the Kids Triathlon coordinator with help from Jenny O’Brien and Jackie Moll.

The day’s weather was perfect for the races. Although the water temperature in the pool may have been a bit brisk,  the triathlon entrants were undeterred.

Participants were greeted at the Finish Line with boisterous celebration and the runners smiled broadly in appreciation. Race results for both the 5K and the triathlon are attached below.

Pancake Breakfast

Volunteers prepared a delicious breakfast of pancakes, sausage and fresh fruit salad, which was served by the attending firemen and their spouses.

Cooking pancakes Saturday were Social Committee members Barbara McCullen, Jo Watta, Mary Anne Hutton, Linda Kreiter, and Terry Landers with able assistance from Mary Roederer.

Among the community’s younger residents who pitched in this year was Olivia Draper, who oversaw the beverage table operations where coffee and juice were served. Valuable help also came from Andrew Conte and his friend, Jeff.

Chatham County Fire Department

Governors Village is grateful to the Fire Department for their help in staging this event. Residents climbed aboard the fire trucks, picked up safety tips and shared photo ops with the the firemen. Chief John Strowd and a large group of the firemen had to leave the event to attend to a structure fire, an unfortunate incident, but one that underscores the seriousness of the fire department’s mission.

Deputy Chief Mark Riggsbee watched and smiled appreciatively as a fireman’s boot filled with donations from residents for the Chatham County Fire Department.

The final tally will be announced later in the week, but early estimates are that Governors Village raised over $3,000 this year. Funds from last year’s event went toward purchasing a defibrillator and a gas detector.

Support From Area Businesses

Governors Village acknowledges generous contributions from business sponsors. Social Committee Chair Dominique Gignac reported, “We have had the most donations ever for the breakfast! We have been blown away by the generosity of the local businesses especially Domicile Realty, Subway and Governors Pharmacy. Also Fleet Feet Sports in Carrboro has been extremely generous in supporting the race.” The complete list of sponsors is attached below.

The Usual Suspects

Particular thanks go to Dominique and the members of the Social Committee who, along with many of their spouses, worked countless hours to make this event a success. Recreation Committee Chair Barry Bassett also helped out tirelessly.  Barry and members of the Recreation Committee have done a great job getting the pool ready for opening day.

Ted Smith, photographer for the Communications Committee, captured some great images showing the morning’s competitions, fellowship, smiles and fun. View the complete photo gallery from this event.

Thanks also to the many Governors Village community residents who supported the the Firemen’s Breakfast through their participation and generous donations.

2012 5K Race Results (PDF)
2012 Kids Triathlon Results (PDF)
2012 Business Sponsors (PDF)