Welcome to Governors Village

Six Neighborhoods – One Community

This is an overview of our community and our homeowners association, along with guides to helpful resources.

  • Governors Village Welcome Letter– greeting to new Governors Village residents and community overview, updated July 14, 2023 (PDF)
  • Contacts – directory listings by organization
  • Documents – community documents that may be viewed or downloaded.

Property Owners Association (POA)

As a homeowner you are now a member of the Governors Village Property Owners Association (POA).  Find out about about the structure, membership, guiding principles, activities and documents of the POA.

The Neighborhoods

Learn about the six neighborhoods that make up our community.

The Boards

  • The POA Board: The board has nine volunteer members elected by the community.  Each neighborhood has one director seat, and there are three at-large directors who can be from any of the neighborhoods.  The design is that three seats come up for election every year.
  • The Townes Board:  The Townes board has five volunteer members elected by the Townes homeowners.
  • The Architectural Review Board (ARB): The ARB has seven volunteer members elected by the POA board. Exterior changes, including the addition of fences and play sets, require prior approval by the ARB.  

The Committees

The community has a number of standing committees, each made up of volunteer members and a committee chair, and a board member liaison.

Community Management Company

Our management company, First Service Residential was hired by Governors Village Property Owners Association (effective 02/2022) to provide financial operations and overall management assistance to the POA. Residents may contact them to report issues or inquiry.

Community Communications Vehicles

  • The Governors Village Community website (governorsvillage.org) is your website which provides open access (no passwords or sign-ins) and a wealth of information about the community including governing documents, historic information, contacts, current goings on and just interesting stuff. Please look around.
  • The Groups.io email list, maintained by a community volunteer, is a great way to communicate with your neighbors.

Governors Village POA Covenants

A summary of the more commonly encountered “Use Restrictions “ under Article 11 of the Governors Village Covenants and the full text of Article 11 can be found in the Documents section on the Governors Village website.