Property Owners Association (POA) Board of Directors

  • Bill Hlavac – President,
 Architectural (ARB) Liaison
  • Ted Smith – Vice-President, At Large Director
, Grounds Liaison
  • Nick Nguyen, Treasurer, Communications Liaison
  • Clifford Simpson – Secretary, At Large Director, Secretary, Safety Liaison
  • Matt Lamm,
  • Matt Valentine, Recreation and Pool Liaison
  • Geovani Ramirez – Townes of Governors Village Liaison
  • LaVerne Blankenship – Property Manager Camden Governors Village – lblankenship at

Townes of Governors Village Board of Directors

  • Geovani Ramirez – Townes Director (2018), President –  gramirez at
  • Adele McLean – Townes Director (2018), Treasurer – tarheeladele at
  • Chris McIver – Townes Director (2017), Secretary –  mciver7 at
  • Tammy Bentz – Member at Large

Towne Properties, Inc. (Community Management Company)

Management team directory: Towne Properties

Architectural Review Board (ARB)

Debbi Nichols, Chair – dnichols483 at

Committee Chairs

    • Social
      • Allie Vivirito, co-chair, allieviv at
      • Robin Heesacker, 2017-2018 TGIS Coordinator, heesacker.robin at

Ad hoc Committees

  • Finance – Peter Fiorentino – pmfiorentino at
  • Lake Development Committee –

Governors Village Website and Social Media

Webmaster – Jeffrey SooHoo jeffreysoohoo at

Community Yahoo Group List

List owner – Ed Hutton – governors_park-owner at

  • See Documents for Community Yahoo Group Primer (Also known as Email List or listserve) .

Other Services

Lift Stations

  • Aqua North Carolina, Owner (Please note: our POA does not own the lift stations.)
  • Customer Service: 877-WTR-AQUA or 877.987.2782