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First Annual Dog Swim

The first Annual Dog Swim in Governors Village was held Sunday, September 25, 2016.  Recreation Committee Chair Trent Leonard reported on the event today and sent along some photos.

Thanks to all those who came out with their dogs for the 1st annual Governors Village Dog Swim! We raised $74 for CARE (Chatham Animal Rescue and Education) in Pittsboro, and we had approximately 15 dogs come through the gate. Fourteen of them were reluctant swimmers, but one Hungarian Vizsla (named Teddy I think) was the eager swimmer of the day running and jumping into the pool multiple times.

Until next year, have a good autumn!

The regular 2016 pool season ended Sunday, September 18. Deep thanks to Trent and the rest of the Recreation Committee for a successful swim year from the Governors Village community.

Contact: Trent Leonard, Recreation Chair, jtrentleonard at

Dog Swim Scheduled This Sunday, September 25, 2016

A dog swim in Governors Village has been suggested for a few years. Today Recreation Committee Chair Trent Leonard confirmed this year it will happen.

The event takes place Sunday, September 25, 2016, 3:00 – 4:00 pm.

Bring your dog to enjoy a swim this Sunday afternoon at the pool at 3:00 p.m. Bring a ball to throw or whatever toy they want to chase into the water. Feel free to swim with your pooch, should you like to do so. The event will run until 4:00 p.m. or so.

I will be accepting donations to CARE (Chatham Animal Rescue and Education) in Pittsboro at the door.

In response  to a resident’s inquiry about whether this activity will require the pool to be drained and cleaned, Trent replied no additional maintenance will be incurred.

No need to drain the pool. The reason we do this after the season is over is because of the mess. However, no pack of dogs is as messy as winter, so no special cleanup is necessary.

This is the last swimming opportunity until spring. The regular 2016 pool season ended Sunday, September 18.

Contact: Trent Leonard, Recreation Chair, jtrentleonard at

Pool Closed Due To Storm And Other Pool Notes

With the impending storm Hermine, the pool is closed today and will reopen Saturday. Trent Leonard, Recreation Committee Chair made the announcement around 12:30 pm Friday.

Here are a few more items of interest regarding the pool.

  1. When the pool does reopen residents are asked to remember that the pool closes daily at sunset, which will occur sooner and sooner each day until closing day on September 18, 2016. To that end, the gate will no longer allow entry after 7:45 pm.
  2. Trent inquired how would this community feel about a polar bear plunge into the pool in January or February to raise money for a local charity? The water is typically in the upper 30s or lower 40s.
  3. Dog swim proposed after the pool closes Sept 18.
    The POA Board approved a dog swim at the pool after the season ended last year, but the weather turned cold and rainy quickly in October, so we never got a chance. Trent plans to give it a second shot this year if the weather cooperates, so look out for more information closer to pool closing.
  4. Other members of the 2016 Recreation committee are Garrett Blake, John Cangelosi, Bob Wynne, Chris Gamber Karen Korach, Tim Mounce, Barry Bassett. John Eberhard is the POA Board liaison.

Contact: Trent Leonard, Recreation Chair, jtrentleonard at

2016 Governors Village Annual Pool Party

2016 Annual Pool Party

2016 Annual Pool Party

Article and Photos by Ted Smith, Communication Committee Photographer

Last Saturday, a warm August afternoon, the 2016 Governors Village Annual Pool Party was held. The adults and children who attended enjoyed a refreshing dip in the pool and a selection of food catered by NanaTaco, whose vehicle is almost as colorful as their food.

Catering was provided by NanaTaco

Catering was provided by NanaTaco

Neighbors contributed with a variety of delightful desserts sharing their culinary expertise or their prowess in knowing where to shop for tasty treats. Most of these dishes contain very few calories (perhaps a minor stretch of the truth).


Food and cash contributions were brought to benefit the Food Bank of Central and Eastern Carolina. Raffle tickets were sold and prizes were awarded to those lucky folks with winning tickets.

Generous contributions benefit the Food Bank

Generous contributions benefit the Food Bank

Thanks to the raffle donors who contributed to this year’s pool party/food bank fundraiser:

After School Art and More
Blue Bamboo Salon
Blue Heron Jewelry, Chapel Hill, NC
Break Out Mixed Martial Arts, Pittsboro, NC
Carmel Market
Creative Countdown Calendars – Amy Gamber and Joanie Hickey
Fearrington Village
Karen’s Cakes
Liquid Amber Art Gallery and Jewelry, Pittsboro, NC
Maria’s House Cleaning Service
New Horizons Trading Company, Pittsboro, NC
Noel’s Produce, Pittsboro, NC
Pittsboro Toy Store
Rachel Mills
Rialta Designs – Scott Leslie
Root Cellar, Chapel Hill, NC
Stephan Moll
Tooth Fairy Pillows by Beth Matrazzo

Gift baskets were raffled to raise funds for the Food Bank.

Gift baskets were raffled to raise funds for the Food Bank. Decisions, decisions!

Sign-up sheets were available for anyone wishing to find out more about the different community committees or neighborhood grounds committees. If you were not present and wish to receive information please email Susie Moffat at govvillage.webmaster at and specify your areas of interest.

Governors Village would like to thank the Social Committee members and their volunteers for the work required to organize, seek donors for the raffle prizes and hold this very enjoyable event. Social Committee chairs Adam and Shannon Novak led the way with help from many, including Linda Kreiter, Diane Talley, Chris Gamber, Rebecca Draper and Mary Anne Hutton.

Residents are encouraged to enjoy using the pool these last few weeks of summer. Since the pool closes at sundown, the gate does not allow entry after 7:45 p.m. The pool season ends September 18, 2016.

To view more pictures from this year’s pool party, click an image to start the slideshow.

Adam and Shannon Novak, Social Committee Chairs, anovak91 at gmail dot com
Susie Moffat, Communication Chair and Webmaster, govvillage.webmaster at gmail dot com

Sponsored by Governors Village Social Committee

Governors Village Annual Pool Party, Saturday, August 27, 2016

2015 Pool Party DSC_0715Yesterday the Social Committee announced they will host the Annual Pool Party on August 27, 2016. They are seeking contributions for a raffle from residents who would like to showcase their talents.

Annual Pool Party

The pool party is a carefree community gathering held in the waning days of summer. Details have not been announced but traditionally it includes a complimentary catered dinner for residents.

It also provides a donation point to benefit the Food Bank of Central and Eastern Carolina, which for many years the community has generously supported through contributions of money and goods. Last year a raffle was added that proved successful and enjoyable.

Benefit Raffle

Checking Out Raffle Baskets

Checking Out Raffle Baskets

The social committee is gathering items for this year’s raffle. This is an opportunity for crafters, woodworkers, sewers, artists, bakers, jewelry makers and other creators within Governors Village to expose their talents by donating a piece of their work to be raffled off at the pool party to benefit the Food Bank.

Not only do raffle donations raise money for a good cause, they provide a chance for residents to win something created by a fellow neighbor and offer artists a chance to exhibit their work.

To donate raffle items email Adam or Shannon Novak.

Adam or Shannon Novak, anovak91 at gmail dot com

Sponsored by the Governors Village Social Committee

Tennis Courts


Tennis courts are one of several amenities available in Governors Village. They are located on Village Park Drive at the north end of Governors Park.

The Recreation Committee oversees the communityʼs tennis courts with endorsement from the Governors Village Property Owners Association (GVPOA) Board of Directors.

Rules for using and sharing the courts were revised November 18, 2010.

Governors Village Tennis Court Rules

1. Tennis courts are to be used for tennis only.
2. Reservations are not accepted for the tennis courts.
3. Courts are first come, first serve for Governors Village residents only.
4. Friends are allowed and must be accompanied by a Governors Village resident.
5. One hour play time if there are players waiting.
6. Lessons do not take priority. Governors Village residents booking coaches for
themselves or their children can not be guaranteed a court without a possible wait.
7. No pets are allowed on the tennis courts.

Trent Leonard, Recreation Committee Chair (jtrentleonard at
Alina Cochran, Community Manager – acochran at (919.878.8787 x235)

Reference: Governors Village Tennis Courts Rules, revised November 18, 2010 (Documents)

Pool Parking

Governors Village would like to remind all homeowners of the following:

Please do not park directly in front of the pool—this is a fire zone.
Please no overnight or vehicle storage in the pool parking lot.

If vehicles are found to be parked in a non-designated parking area, they can be towed without further notice.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy your summer!
Your Talis Team

Alina Cochran, Community Manager – acochran at (919.878.8787 x235)

2016_GV_Pool_Rules (PDF)

Pool Rules Brochure 2016

The 2016 Pool Season for Governors Village runs May 7 – September 18, 2016

The Recreation Committee has updated the pool brochure for 2016. It covers the basic operating and contact information, fully describes the rules and discusses swimming lessons. Swiping one’s card to enter the pool confirms the acknowledgment that the resident has read the rules and will adhere to them. Please see brochure (below) for complete information.

Trent Leonard, Recreation Committee Chair (jtrentleonard at

Governors Village Pool_Rules – 2016 (PDF)