Governors Village Blood Drive July 1

Blood donation flyer

Governors Village is sponsoring a neighborhood blood drive on the afternoon of July 1st. Would you please consider signing up today? Our goal is 36 volunteers, but if we can exceed this number, Blood Connection will expand the hours and/or provide additional mobile units.

Governors Village Pool Parking Lot

Wednesday, July 01, 2020
02:00 pm – 07:00 pm
30033 Village Park Dr.

Donors can sign up online through this link:

If you are not comfortable signing up online, I will be happy to do it for you. Just call me at 919-942-1485 with your preferred timeslot, and I will handle the details. You can also email me:

Please encourage your friends and neighbors to help us make this blood drive a huge success!

Michael Barefoot, 10015 Fountain, Governors Village


Pool not yet open

There has been confusion over the last couple of days about the pool opening. We are trying to get it open as quickly as possible, but we need to get assurances from the pool company that the State mandated regulations concerning COVID are being addressed properly. While we want it open as soon as possible, we need to make sure that it stays open. We anticipate the pool opening officially sometime in the next 3 days – and will send an email out once it is open. We apologize for the confusion and hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable pool season.

Pool update

We know many people are anxious to get in the pool, get their families outside and enjoy the summer-like weather.  Please know that the Pool Company, Board, and Towne Properties are doing everything possible right now to make this happen.  We are in the process of working through the guidelines set forth from the Governor and County Department of Public Health on May 20th.  It is very important that the Board performs their due diligence with decision making for this season to ensure that we all have a healthy and happy pool season this year.  There are many decisions to be made and we are all trying to work through these as quickly as possible and hoping to open the pool in the next couple of weeks.  We appreciate your patience and will provide updates to everyone just as soon as we can.
Thank you for your understanding and looking forward to a great pool season!

POA Board meeting May 21. Closed to public.

Dear homeowners,

In response to the COVID-19 virus, the Community Room at Camden Apartments continues to be closed and the in-person meetings have been suspended until further notice. The upcoming meeting on Thursday, May 21 will be held via conference call by Board and management only, so a homeowner forum will not be held. If a homeowner has an issue for the homeowner forum, please submit it to your neighborhood representative or your management team, so the Board can discuss it.

Thank you for your understanding,

Governors Village POA

Operation Easter Bunny

Owing to the Coronavirus and the steps necessary to keep everyone safe we could not hold our community Easter Egg Hunt this year. However, we did have the next best thing. The Easter Bunny traveled through the neighborhoods in his Bunny Bus brightly decorated for the occasion. Some holiday joy was brought to the children.

The rules of social distancing were followed as children watched from their front steps or windows.

The Social Committee, Mr. Bunny and his helpers found a creative way to bring some fun at this uncertain time.

Special thanks to Jen Belk, Stefan Moll, the Easter Bunny Elves and of course Mr. Bunny.

Pictures from Easter Sunday morning are posted here