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The Governors Village Community held a blood drive on May 25th. Over 50 people signed up to support this endeavour.

We will be holding these drives twice a year, one in May the other in September. The Blood Connection brought two Bloodmobiles to process volunteers in a timely manner.

Once again, Michael Barefoot and Tim Manale coordinated the drive working with The Blood Connection to make sure that everything ran smoothly.

Although some volunteers were unable to donate their blood there were several walk-ins to help make up any difference.

It is convenient to have this opportunity within our community. It is a chance to do something good for a small amount of time and effort.

The Blood Drive continued into the afternoon, but these pictures do not include those volunteers who came later. All are heroes or heroines and are commended. Whether you were accepted as a donor or not, we applaud you.

Once upon a time a donor was asked how they felt after donating blood. The expected answer might have been weak or tired. Instead, the donor said “Noble”. Seldom do we have an opportunity to feel this way. We should seize it!

Please enjoy the pictures of this special event. To quote the message on the Bloodmobiles, “Sharing Life. Saving Lives”.


Again this year, Covid-19 prevented our having the community Easter Egg Hunt. In spite of this, the Easter Bunny traveled through the neighborhoods in his Bunny Bus brightly decorated for the occasion. Children of all ages got to experience some of the joy of Easter this morning.

We were all able to watch from front porches, steps or windows as the Easter Bunny with his helper drove by in the decorated bunny truck. While his driver drove and beeped the horn, Mr. Bunny waved his greetings to everyone.

Special thanks to the Social Committee, Stefan Moll, Mr. Bunny and everyone else who helped to make this happen.

Pictures from Easter Sunday morning are posted here.

Easter Bunny Visits Governors Village Sunday Morning at 10

The Easter Bunny is making another visit to Governors Village! He will start in the Park this Sunday, Easter Morning at 10 am, and then go to the Townes, Lake, Forest, and Village, in that order. Keep watch and wave from your porch as he rides around waving hello! Please remain socially distant, stay on porches or sidewalks and prevent children from running after the truck for safety.

Thanks and Happy Easter!

GV Social Committee