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Pool Season Extended

Great News – Governors Village POA will extend the 2020 Pool Season by closing on Sunday, September 20 instead of closing on Sunday, September 13! Depending on weather, another one week extension may be considered, and will be announced by the end of next week if approved. Have a great weekend

Mexican Food Truck -Thursday, September 3rd 5-7pm


Hello neighbors!

After several requests we are happy to announce that we’ve arranged for the delicious Mexican food truck, Ta Contento, to come sell in the pool parking lot this Thursday, Sept 3rd from 5-7pm.
We are hoping for a great turnout (so spread the word!) so that we can have them in our neighborhood every other Thursday. Ta Contento food truck is known for large portions, clean and organized service, and delicious authentic food! For more information about different ordering options and procedures, please read the message below. Their menu is attached :)
Be on the lookout for some safe, social-distanced events we are planning to host over the coming months. More info to come regarding Halloween and the holidays! Any ideas or suggestions you have are welcome! Please feel free to contact someone our Social Committee: Jen Belk, Kelly Venditti, or Stephanie Orchard-Hays with suggestions!

Governors Village Blood Drive September 24

Blood Donation Flyer

Thanks to all who made our recent blood drive such a huge success. Many folks suggested that we host a follow-up event once enough time had passed so everyone could safely donate again. The need for blood continues to be urgent.

We’ve allowed for plenty of time for another donation, plus the weather will be much more enjoyable in late September. Please consider signing up now while the thought is fresh, and encourage your friends and family to participate.

Here is the link for scheduling your appointment:

September 24th 2020, 2-7pm, Governors Village Pool.

Thanks for your support, Michael Barefoot, 10015 Fountain

PS: Everybody says that their website is not the easiest to maneuver. If you would like assistance with signing up, I will be happy to do it for you. Please email me directly or call me at 919-942-1485 with the following required information: (1) your full legal name, (2) your birth date, (3) your email address.





July 1, 2020

On June 16, 2020, Cliff Simpson a former POA Board member approached the Board about holding a Blood Drive. The Board quickly supported the idea and current Board member Michael Barefoot volunteered to make all the arrangements. This was all done in just two days.

60 Volunteers signed up, so The Blood Connection brought an additional Bloodmobile to accommodate everyone.

On July 1, 2020 two Bloodmobiles arrived at the Pool Parking lot. Their names are Wilma and Billy and they came completely staffed.


Donors began to arrive promptly at 2:00 PM and were quickly processed so they could enter one of the Bloodmobiles and donate their blood. Everything was well organized so donors could make their donation, collect their rewards including a box of French Chocolate Truffles courtesy of Michael Barefoot and Tim Manale.

Altogether an exceptionally smooth operation.

Everyone wore masks and as much as practical maintained social distancing. There was a humorous moment when one homeowner did not immediately recognize a neighbor because she was partially hidden behind her mask.

Although some would-be donors did not meet the requirements to give blood there were several walk-ins to help make up any difference.

Donors leaving the Bloodmobile proudly displayed the colored band covering the place where the blood was drawn.


As an added convenience, Michael became a volunteer babysitter so that the child’s mother could make her blood donation.

People remarked on how convenient it was to have this opportunity within our community.

The Blood Drive continued into the afternoon but your intrepid photographer left for cooler pastures. For this reason, not all donors are shown in the pictures but they are heroes none the less.

Please enjoy the pictures of this very special event. Whether or not you donated blood, the Board of Directors is interested in knowing if we should do this again and any other comments you would care to make. Please e-mail your thoughts to

Thank you for stepping up to save lives”.

Governors Village Blood Drive July 1

Blood donation flyer

Governors Village is sponsoring a neighborhood blood drive on the afternoon of July 1st. Would you please consider signing up today? Our goal is 36 volunteers, but if we can exceed this number, Blood Connection will expand the hours and/or provide additional mobile units.

Governors Village Pool Parking Lot

Wednesday, July 01, 2020
02:00 pm – 07:00 pm
30033 Village Park Dr.

Donors can sign up online through this link:

If you are not comfortable signing up online, I will be happy to do it for you. Just call me at 919-942-1485 with your preferred timeslot, and I will handle the details. You can also email me:

Please encourage your friends and neighbors to help us make this blood drive a huge success!

Michael Barefoot, 10015 Fountain, Governors Village